Finncontainers Ltd


Company overview

Finncontainers logistic services include container sales, leasing and transportation. Today we are one of the biggest container companies in Finland.  


Background to success

Finncontainers was founded in 1996 as a family company. The innovative company's logistic services include container sales, domestic leasing and transportation. Managing Director, entrepreneur Sarianne Reinikkala began working in the container business in 80's.

Container specialist in Finland

The owners and personnel of the company have many years' experience in the container business. Our expertise ranges from large export and domestic projects to single deals and deliveries.


Offering SOC - Shipper Own Containers

Using your own containers for shipping can be less expensive than using leasing containers. Especially when returning emty leasing containers from inland back to port area. SOC container can be used as a storage at construction site. 

As a member of the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce's harbor committee, we have an in-depth knowledge of logistics. Managing Director Sarianne Reinikkala is a member of WISTA Finland  - Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association. She is also a chairman of Helsinki Entrepreneurs and Board member of the Federation of Finnish Entreprises.


Contact information


Ms Sarianne Reinikkala, Entrepreneur, Managing Director 

Direct + 358 29 123 4334




Sarianne Reinikkala